Puerto Rico

This cosmopolitan American territory in the northern Caribbean hits all the right notes — waterfront fun, luxe beach clubs, great restaurants, historic charm, a café culture. There’s so much going on that the challenge will be trying to fit it all in.

Extracurricular: Hiking in the El Yunque National Forest is an exercise in complete rejuvenation, a true nature bath. Hopping on a boat tour to the nearby islands of Vieques or Culebra serves up a stop at the stunning, top-rated Flamenco Beach.

Taste to try: San Juan is a culinary wonderland. The traditional mofongo comprises fried and mashed plantains dotted with crunchy pork skin served swimming in olive oil and garlic with meat or seafood.

Bonus Tip: Puerto Rico has three bio­luminescent bays, an ecosystem in which microscopic algae produce glow-in-the­dark light caused by the movement of your kayak paddle.