RTO146 ERenaissance Fall 2022 Antigua And Barbuda

Antigua and Barbuda

This twin-island paradise on the northeast corner of the Caribbean is an independent nation with British ties. Antigua enjoys more than 150 kilometres of coastline and 365 beaches — one for every day of the year — while Barbuda is the celebrity hideaway, famous for its pink sand and frigate bird sanctuary.

Extracurricular: Antigua is a big hiking island, with easy routes including the three-kilometre Jones Valley Trail, which yields plenty of sea views. English Harbour is the yachting mecca, home to Nelson’s Dockyard and other nautical heritage.

Taste to try: Local specialties include conch fritters and chowders, salt cod, blood sausage and ducana — a dumpling made of grated sweet potato and coconut.

Bonus Tip: Book your time to coincide with the annual Carnival at the end of July, which celebrates the abolition of slavery with a 10-day fete.