Revealing our true identity

by Jim Grieve RTOERO CEO

Last year, we resumed our search for a name that better sums up what our organization is all about. Our goal in renaming RTOERO was not to change who we are, but rather — as Martha Foster underlines in her article — to reflect how much we’ve changed.

We knew that our quest for a new name had to be highly consultative. Last September, we outlined our goals at the Presidents’ Workshop and invited attendees to tell us what they felt RTOERO stands for. Then, at Fall Forum, nearly 200 corporate members took part in a workshop on defining the value we deliver to members.

We also consulted with our Board of Directors and the committees responsible for member services and marketing and communications. And we launched an online membership survey that sparked close to 4,000 responses.

In tying together members’ diverse views, we identified several themes. One is community and the social connections we build. Another is advocacy: We’re a voice for our members and all older Canadians. We’re also a source of valuable insights. And lastly, collaboration: We work together to support our communities and one another.

These themes inspired the renaming team to explore a wide range of creative possibilities. And then we realized the solution was right in front of us. The new name we introduced for our group insurance program has been embraced by members — why couldn’t it apply to the whole organization? And so, we’re proposing that RTOERO become . . .


It’s a bilingual word that sums up our relationship with the people we serve. An entente is an agreement, an accord anchored by shared values. And it’s the spirit behind that agreement — one of collaboration and mutual support in a community of trust.

We feel this new name not only reflects where we are today but will serve us well as we continue to evolve. And when corporate members vote on its formal approval, we believe most will agree. Because that’s the spirit of Entente.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts.