Just a short ferry ride north of Saint Martin, this British territory offers 33 white-sand beaches, gorgeous sub-tropical weather and plenty of water sports to bring you fully into the moment.

Extracurricular: An afternoon of sailing from bay to bay on a classic sailboat or powerboat are just two cruise options. Live music is very much a part of Anguillan culture, with locals and tourists moving to reggae, jazz and R&B almost every night throughout the island.

Taste to try: Expect a full restaurant culture here, high- and low-end. Crayfish is the local specialty, with lobster, snapper and mahi mahi rounding out the menus.

Bonus Tip: Earmark Wednesday or Sunday for lunch on Scilly Cay. The whole island is a rustic open-air family-run restaurant on a tiny coral islet off the village of Island Harbour.