Photo of a boat on the shore of Bermuda

Escape for eco-adventure

Bermuda’s clear, blue waters make it a water-sports paradise. Expeditions from myriad dive centres throughout the island head to some of the healthiest coral reefs in the Atlantic Ocean and to the 300-plus shipwrecks along Shipwreck Alley. Diverse marine life includes groupers and barracudas, eagle rays and sea turtles. Kayak adventure on Bermuda’s West End sends you along Ely’s Harbour, a coastline filled with egrets and herons, turtles and coral gardens.

Idwal Hughes Nature Reserve and nearby Tom Moore’s Jungle and Blue Hole Park invite you to explore nature trails, hidden caves, lagoons and parkland. Spittal Pond Nature Reserve on the south shore offers 64 acres of footpaths, perfect for birdwatching.

At the southeast tip of Bermuda, Cooper’s Island Nature Reserve, once a US military and NASA base, now offers 12 acres of wilderness, along with herons, kingfishers and giant crabs. Visitors can also find quiet repose in the 36-acre Bermuda Botanical Gardens.