Reader letters

After reading all the responses to favourite TV shows in the fall issue of Renaissance, I thought I would add mine. I grew up with three older sisters. When Dad bought us a television, it was an RCA 19-inch black and white. We could get two channels with an antenna on the roof. I remember watching Captain Kangaroo in the morning. I learned to tell time with Father Clock, a face in a large tree. There was also Mr. Green Jeans and Mr. Moose to teach us other things. The girls wanted Ed Sullivan and I wanted Hockey Night in Canada. At a very early age, I got a life lesson about sharing, and sometimes I didn’t get my way. When I did get Hockey Night in Canada, I was a little boy in a candy store. I remember the tuner was on Channel 6 and time of game was 8 p.m. on Saturday. Esso was the sponsor and Murray Westgate was at the gas pump in the commercials. Ward Cornell was the interviewer during the intermission, and Foster Hewitt did the play-by-play — or in Montreal, Danny Gallivan. My favourite team was, and still is, the Chicago Blackhawks because when there were only six teams in the National Hockey League, the Hawks’ farm club was the St. Catharines Teepees. Time has changed the broadcast schedule, the play-by-play announcers, the sponsorship, the commentators and, of course, the players. But this 70-year-old senior is still a kid in a candy store when I can watch the Hawks play the Leafs.  

—William Krochak (District 14 Niagara)

I just want to compliment. you on the fall issue of Renaissance magazine. It was varied and very, very interesting. As we walk/trudge through the meadows of old age, many of us have earned our PhDs in worrying, as the media seems to want to glorify negativity. Like our GPSs, we often need to “recalibrate” where we are going. Hope is not a noun — it is a verb! Renaissance most often allows us to do JUST THAT! Keep up the good work.  

—Tom Davis(District 36 Peterborough)

What a surprise and joy to read the article “Caring, compassion and commitment” on pages 42 to 45 of the fall issue of Renaissance! I was in the same form of what was then called Toronto Normal School, 1948/1949, as Tom Hennessy! He was one of the more notable people in the class, possibly because he was a veteran with much more experience than many of us who had just graduated from high school. In any case, I have not forgotten him, although we have had no contact for these many years. It was fascinating to read about his accomplishments. Please continue to publish profiles about noteworthy members. Thanks for so many interesting articles.

—Robert R. (Bob) Halfyard (District 14 Niagara)

I was delighted to read the article about Tom Hennessy in the fall issue of Renaissance magazine. We sang together for many years in the Blyth Festival Singers. He has a marvellous attitude toward life, and that smile on his face in the photographs was always present and genuine. Tom was always on the dance floor during our ceilidhs and cabarets. I am so pleased to read that he has been honoured and that he is still the vigorous and joyful man who I knew then.

—Annette Lindsay (District 8 London, Middlesex)

A great article about Tom Hennessy in the fall issue of Renaissance. I have known him for about 40 years, since I was a principal in London. A finer man you will never meet. He and Joyce are a great team. May you both stay healthy for years to come. You both are wonderful examples of what we can do in life. Many thanks to you both.

—Donald Aldred (District 8 London, Middlesex)