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Notable: Winter 2024

Responsibly sourced and darned tasty
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Scout Canning – the brainchild of award-winning chef Charlotte Langley, who originally hails from P.E.I. – is Canada’s leading responsibly sourced canned seafood company. Scout recently launched Scout Seafood Snacks, an innovative product that combines the brand’s popular wild yellowfin tuna with a variety of bold, vibrant and delicious crunchy toppers. With more than 30 grams of protein in each serving, Scout Seafood Snacks make for an easy mid-day snack at home or on the go — and a tasty upgrade to a sandwich or salad. Fun flavours include Chile Jalapeño, Za’atar and Chili Crisp. Find Scout at Farm Boy in Ontario, Spud in B.C. or at your local specialty shops like bakeries, seafood markets and cheese shops.

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Smart Living Wine Opener Kit

Ever struggled to open a bottle of wine thanks to a stubborn cork that just refuses to pull free? The ingenious Smart Living Wine Opener Kit uses air pressure to pop the cork from inside out. Simply insert the needle into the bottle, pump it a few times, and the cork slides out with ease! Available online across Canada at

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Where We Ate: A Field Guide to Canada’s Restaurants, Past and Present

Celebrated food and travel writer Gabby Peyton calls St. John’s, N.L., home sweet home. Her first book, recently published by Random House, helps answer the age-old question “What is Canadian cuisine?” Its pretty pages, complemented with historic photographs, celebrate 150 years of restaurants that made a mark on Canada’s culinary landscape. Learn about the history of Canadian inventions like California rolls, foie gras poutine and the ubiquitous butter tart. Where We Ate is organized chronologically, starting at pre-Confederation to present day. Gourmands can also prepare 15 recipes inspired by, or contributed by, featured restaurants. Available at Chapters Indigo.

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Wholesome Bar

The Wholesome Bar is a nutrient-dense, minimally processed energy bar that is rich in plant fats and protein. The bars are cold-pressed and made with high-quality whole-food ingredients like pumpkin seeds, almonds, goji berries and chia seeds. The non-GMO, gluten-, grain-, dairy- and soy-free bars make for a great breakfast on the go, pre-workout snack or healthy post-dinner dessert. The Wholesome Bar is available in three delicious flavours: Coconut Macadamia, Almond Crunch and Super Green. Available at retailers across Canada.

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Whether you’re looking for a caffeine break, want to boost your immune system with juice and smoothies, or simply want to track your water intake, the Waterllama app helps you stay hydrated from morning to night. The app features healthy challenges, smart reminders, a hydration calculator, the water content of tons of beverages and a whole lot more. The award-winning app can be used on Apple Watch and iPhone. Download for free at the Apple App Store.

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