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Plug-and-grow smart gardens

Grow herbs, leafy greens and vegetables year-round
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Are you looking to eat more affordably and sustainably year-round?

Just Vertical makes stylish indoor smart gardens that are easy to operate, low maintenance, and reap ongoing edible rewards. The hydroponic vertical gardens allow you to enjoy fresh ingredients even in the dead of winter with the bonus of picking just what you want, when you need it.

Here’s how it works: You place the seeds in the grow plugs, start the seeds in the seedling kits and transplant the seedlings into your Just Vertical garden, plug it into a regular electrical outlet, fill it with water, and let your brand-new indoor farm do the rest of the heavy lifting.

Designed and manufactured in Canada, Just Vertical gardens come in two sizes to fit small and larger spaces and arrive with a seedling kit, nutrients and seeds to get you started. (

Photo of Happy Cow app

Vegetarian wherever you are

HappyCow, considered the best vegan/vegetarian app for finding restaurants at home and away, was launched in 1999 and today boasts a community of 2.5 million users worldwide who share their favourite restaurants, always-order menu items and more at 200,000-plus restaurants, cafés and grocery stores in more than 180 countries. Search via filters, connect with the world’s largest vegetarian community, and get all the inspirations you need to eat meat-free at home or on the road. Available for download in the Apple App Store.

Photo of Tiffany Cook's cookbook

Tiffy Cooks: 88 Asian Recipes from My Family to Yours

Tiffy Chen, the popular food blogger and TikTok star behind Tiffy Cooks, shares memories and recipes shaped by growing up in Taiwan along with beloved family recipes and unique dishes inspired by her travels across Southeast Asia.

The 88 (a lucky number in Chinese culture) flavour-packed recipes for quick and easy everyday meals include classics like Taiwanese Breakfast Sandwich and her grandmother’s Sesame Chicken Rice plus pass-around family dishes like Drunken Chicken and Braised Five-Spice Beef.

Featuring drool-worthy, step-by-step photography and heartwarming stories, Tiffy Cooks celebrates the diversity and deliciousness of Asian food in such an infectious way that you’ll be grabbing your wok instead of ordering Uber Eats the next time you crave Chinese! Available at

Photo Cuisinart's Coffee Centre Barista Bar 4-in-1 Coffeemaker

Bring the barista home

Cuisinart’s compact Coffee Center Barista Bar 4-in-1 Coffeemaker has all your coffee wants covered, from a 12-cup pot with programmable time, temperature and strength settings to single-serve cups, in six-, eight- and 10-ounce sizes, made in minutes and compatible with most single-serve pods, including Keurig. The Nespresso-pod-compatible espresso maker features a steaming wand that makes frothed and steamed milk for cappuccinos, lattes or the specialty drink of your choice. The wand is also perfect for pouring hot water for tea, matcha, hot cereals and soups. (

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