Living in prime time

by Rich Prophet RTOERO Chair

Prime time: It’s the term we use to describe the choicest period. And for RTOERO members, prime time is retirement. Patrick Foley, author of Winning at Retirement, calls the post-career years “a time to redesign your life into something new and different.”

I see RTOERO members looking at retirement like a blank canvas, a time in which they can finally fulfil their goals and dreams. There are as many versions of retirement as there are RTOERO members — and no matter how you approach creating your prime time, RTOERO is always here to help make your dreams a reality. We use the power of our community to secure a better future for all members.

Many of you catch the travel bug during retirement. That’s why we offer the best comprehensive and affordable insurance to keep you safe and healthy — whether you’re abroad or at home. Through RTOERO, you have the protection of the largest Canadian insurance plan for education retirees.

Many of you also share your talents and leadership skills as volunteers. Our community grants support local organizations at which our members volunteer. Over the past 20 years, RTOERO has donated almost $2 million to 550 agencies.

Through the RTOERO Foundation, members contribute to improving life for aging Canadians. We fund research, education and community programs that help us understand healthy aging and combat social isolation and loneliness.

As an organization, we also give back through our Vibrant Voices political advocacy program, at the national, provincial and local level across Canada. We are a trusted voice on seniors’ issues, including health and well-being for older adults, and environmental stewardship.

Social connections in retirement are more important than ever for our members. In the past year, our districts moved quickly to replace in-person get-togethers with Zoom-tastic social opportunities, such as talks, concerts, games, clubs and more. From phone calls to letter writing to mailed care packages, Goodwill volunteers have let members know how much RTOERO cares.

We each have our own picture of retirement, and RTOERO membership is designed to help you live your dream.

Here’s to prime time!