Fogo Island Inn, Joe Batt’s Arm

Overview: Off the north coast of mainland Newfoundland in a small fishing village, this landmark resort offers luxurious yet community-oriented hospitality. The inn is actually a charity, with the profits reinvested in the whole region.

Essence: Modern architecture is juxtaposed with interiors rooted in the history and traditions of Newfoundland culture. Twenty-nine rooms feature floor-to-ceiling North Atlantic views, handcrafted quilts and rugs, and locally produced wooden furniture and furnishings. Culinary adventures are hyperlocal: foraged berries, preserved meats and fish, and salt-cured wild game.

Curricula: Joe Batt’s Arm is famous for parading icebergs, frolicking whales, wild storms and the northern lights. A variety of excursions get you out into the fresh air to enjoy cultural, geological, artistic and marine activities — art crawls, hiking, jam making, snowshoeing and snowmobiling, and even bonfire nights.