Reader Letters

Incredible work goes into this magazine.

I can’t wait to get every issue in my hands. My appreciation to the writers, staff, and board is enormous.

-Champa Nambiar (District 23 North York)

Wow! I just finished reading James Franklin McDonald’s “The golden age of teaching.”

It was like reading about my own teaching career. It was so similar, although I didn’t move to different counties but stayed in the St. Catharines area. I did work part-time as an adjunct professor of education at Canisius College in Buffalo, N.Y., for six years following my retirement from the public school system. Thanks for the memories!

-James Glassford (District 14 Niagara)

The spring issue was fantastic!

Thank you for all the hard work that went into this publication.

-Beth Mackay (District 27 Ottawa-Carleton)

Thank you for the copy of Renaissance.

Congratulations to the editor, staff and contributors for a fabulous publication. The articles were presented, formatted and assembled in a way that made the information visually attractive, educationally informative and timely. My thanks and appreciation to all involved.

-Madrina Alexander (District 23 North York)

I loved the article “The comfort of stone” by Marie Pottle.

I’m a fellow islander, a Gaelic speaker from the Isle of Barra.

-Oighrig Mac Neil Keogh (District 34 York Region)

Congratulations on Renaissance’s excellent spring 2021 issue.

It provides RTOERO with a public face that reflects the unique style and substance of its membership and mission. “The golden age of teaching” feature was outstanding.

-Ken Lee (District 47 Vancouver Island)

Thank you for another superb edition of Renaissance and for publishing my article, “The golden age of teaching.”

For a hobby writer, it is always thrilling to view one’s work in a newspaper or magazine. Your efforts to turn Renaissance into an eye-catching, informative publication surely must make all retired teachers who subscribe to it feel immense pride.

-James Franklin McDonald (District 22 Etobicoke and York)

The feature article “Cybersecurity 101” was well presented and very timely,

considering how hard the cyber scammers out there are working to relieve us of our personal information and even our money. Daniel Tobok, the CEO of Cytelligence, presented a comprehensive strategy for outwitting the bad guys. Count me as one of what I’m sure will be a long list of appreciative readers!

-Bill Oliver (District 24 Scarborough and East York)


We asked Marta Searle Gill, Erin Pehlivan and Elizabeth Baird what it means to them to be Canadian.

Marta Searle Gill

“This is all I know: being a Canadian and liking it! The beauty of our land is unparalleled, with hills, plains, mountains, forests, lakes, rivers and oceans on three sides. True, our weather leaps from one extreme to another. But if variety is the spice of life,  we’ve got it.”

-District 28 Region of Durham

Erin Pehlivan

“My family is originally from Turkey and came to Canada for a better, more stable life. I’ve traveled to almost 40 countries, but every time I come home, I’m reminded that, even during tough times, we’re privileged to live in a safe and accepting country.”

Elizabeth Baird

“To be a Canadian is to be a lucky person, with much to be grateful for. While Canadians are far from perfect, with plenty to do to make up for past actions and current inequalities, I like to think we are up for the challenge.”

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Covid note from editor :

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