Gros plans de Rich Prophet, président de RTOERO et de Jim Grieve, directeur général de RTOERO

As Can-“eh”-dian as RTOERO

by Rich Prophet RTOERO Chair

As we prepare to celebrate the 154th birthday of our magnificent country, let’s take a moment to reflect on what’s important to us as Canadians.

Stereotypes still abound about Canadians, characterizing us as polite, hockey-obsessed people pouring maple syrup on our poutine, all while apologizing and ending every sentence with “eh.”

In reality, of course, our national character is so much more. Numerous scholars have attempted to identify, measure and compare the ethical and human values of Canadians. We have often been recognized as a people who value fairness, accommodation, sustainability, diversity and equity. As Canadians, we’re proud of our national character and core values.

It’s no surprise that many of the ideals Canadians cherish are comparable to RTOERO’s values — as expressed in our Strategic Plan 2025 — of accountability, community connection, giving back, inclusion, leadership, service to members and promoting well-being.

Like all Canadians, RTOERO values the ideal of giving back to the community and to our members. We put this principle into action via our political advocacy. Through member donations to our foundation, we fund research on healthy aging, and disburse scholarships and grants to community projects.

Most Canadians see safety and well-being as essential facets of our national culture. RTOERO focuses on improving the physical and mental health of our members and seniors across the country. We offer world-class health insurance plans to support our members throughout their retirement. Our districts are focused on these initiatives as well, and members enjoy their strong support and the opportunities for social engagement they provide.

Canadians believe in fairness. At RTOERO, we believe in inclusion and in creating a strong sense of community. We focus on accountability to ensure fairness for our members and all seniors. Open communication builds trust, which allows us to serve as a trusted voice for all retirees.

As we say in our motto, we believe in the power of our community to secure a better future.

Happy Canada Day!