Portal to a new you

by Jim Grieve RTOERO CEO

I love the theme of this issue of Renaissance. The articles present invitations for each of us to make investments in our own health and well-being.

Being the trusted voice for healthy, active living for members and older adults across Canada is one major RTOERO goal. The thoughtful articles written for this award-winning magazine, by authors who also include RTOERO members, are evidence of this commitment.

Another wonderful weekly source of trusted articles on healthy and active living for older adults originates from McMaster University, an organization with which we have enjoyed a formal partnership for the last eight years.

RTOERO members can register free of charge with the McMaster Optimal Aging Portal. Once you register, you will receive a new publication every week with researched articles on such topics as:

  • Walking for good health
  • The health benefits of the outdoors
  • How intergenerational programs benefit people of all ages
  • Five ways to stay steady on your feet this winter

As well, the McMaster portal offers a range of free 15- to 30-minute interactive e-learning lessons on such topics as anxiety disorders, social isolation and delirium. These lessons are prepared by trusted experts using scientific evidence to provide credible insights to inform and inspire healthy aging. Some of the lesson titles include:

  • Walking Speed: Is It a New Vital Sign?
  • Changing Gears: Making a Plan to Retire from Driving
  • Promoting Brain Health
  • Social Isolation: Are You at Risk?
  • Delirium: Is Your Loved One at Risk?

The McMaster portal has also introduced blog posts. A recent example is “Immersive Virtual Reality: An Innovative Solution to Support the Well-Being of Older Adults.” This post describes technology that follows the user’s head movements to create a realistic sense of presence in a virtual world designed to support well-being in older adults.

For your health and well-being, please use this link to join this superb portal: mcmasteroptimalaging.org.

Here’s to living well.