Celebrating 55 years

by Jim Grieve RTOERO CEO

For 55 years, this organization has proudly served our growing membership of education retirees across Canada with world-class health benefits and strong advocacy for healthy, active living.

Our 51 districts are celebrating this emerald anniversary by connecting with K–12 and post-secondary colleagues and friends who are still working but approaching retirement.

In the five short years since our golden anniversary, we have welcomed many new education-community members. We are delighted that post-secondary members have discovered RTOERO retiree benefits plans and, in particular, our travel insurance.

Thousands of retiring Ontario teachers join us each year. University and college staff from British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Ontario, Nova Scotia and Newfoundland and Labrador have learned about RTOERO insurance from our members and their faculty associations, and they’re joining in large numbers. New post-secondary members from across Canada now account for almost 12 per cent of the 100,000-plus RTOERO insurance policies.

To celebrate our anniversary, we’re inviting Renaissance readers to share what they love about being RTOERO members with their former colleagues, neighbours and friends from K–12 schools and early-years and post-secondary settings.

Remember, you don’t have to be retired to join RTOERO and discover the exciting engagement options each district provides. Currently, our members have attracted more than 2,800 actively working education staff who are nearing their retirement dates.

The next step is to welcome these prospective members to RTOERO and to your district by inviting them to a few after-hours or weekend social events. You can show them that RTOERO health and travel insurance and your vibrant district engagement activities make the obvious choice when they celebrate their magic retirement day.

As a Renaissance reader, consider celebrating our emerald anniversary by telling your education friends how fortunate and welcome they will be.

Happy anniversary,