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Best hometown cuisine from coast to coast
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Illustrations by : Tom Froese

Cedar-planked salmon

Pacific salmon grilled, in a traditional Indigenous technique, on a cedar board

—Winnifred Procyshen (District 47 Vancouver Island)

Wild game dinners at charity events

Wild-caught game donated by local hunters for fundraising dinners

“Deer, moose and fish are staple menu items, with duck and even raccoon or beaver. Bear is good in sausages but can be quite strong, as is beaver. Canada goose is best slow-cooked.

“The dinners reflect our hunting-and-outdoors lifestyle. A recent one here in Blind River supported our junior hockey team. Unfortunately, these dinners are becoming rare, but they’re worth looking out for.”

—Paul Astles (District 3 Algoma)

Paul’s insider tip

“We do occasionally dress up in the north — I happened to be wearing white tie last week — but for a wild game dinner, dress casually.”

Illustration of the Thunder Bay donut like item called a persian


Deep-fried dough topped with a thick layer of pink berry icing

—Thérèse Beaupré (District 2 Thunder Bay)

Pulla from Leinala’s Bakery

Cardamom-flavoured braided loaf with Finnish roots

“Pulla is a slightly sweet, special-occasion bread, a treat from Leinala’s Bakery. Postwar immigration — from Finland, Italy, Poland and other places — brought many food traditions to Sudbury. Leinala’s is part of that. I love the dense, dark-brown potato bread too. One slice, never two, because it’s so filling.”

—Lucie Lapalme Cullen
(District 4 Sudbury, Manitoulin)

Lucie’s insider tip

Porchetta sandwiches (crusty Italian buns loaded with dill- and herb-seasoned slow-roasted pork) are another long-time Sudbury specialty.

Fresh perch dinner

Pan-fried or deep-fried fish and chips along Ontario’s south coast

—Alfred Guidolin (District 12 Norfolk) and Anita Minov (District 14 Niagara)

Illustration of Schnitzel

Schnitzel from Metro Restaurant

Pork, veal or chicken cutlet, pounded thin, then breaded and fried

“Schnitzel is a little slice of heaven, and the Metro is a lovely, warm family-run place. Go at lunch; it’s easier to get a table. I like the pork schnitzel with jaeger sauce, served with sweet red cabbage.”

 —Brenda Moen (District 11 Waterloo Region)

Brenda’s insider tip

“Try the hole-in-the-wall restaurants near the universities, catering to international students. The signs outside may say ‘subs’ or ‘burgers,’ but sometimes there’s a secret menu of foods the kitchen staff prefer to eat.”

Illustration of the food item beaver tail

Beaver tails in ByWard Market

Fried yeast dough with your choice of sweet topping

“The deep-fried dough has all these crevices to hold whatever’s on top. Cinnamon and sugar is classic; I like a squeeze of lemon juice too.

“Another Ottawa specialty is from House of Georgie Sorento’s — pizza with a ladle of gravy on top. Sounds weird, but it’s delicious.”

—Alain Dubé (District 27 Ottawa-Carleton)

Alain’s insider tip

“The best poutine I’ve ever had is across the river in Gatineau, at Pataterie Hulloise.”

Illustration of the food Crab Buns

Guédille au crabe and pets de soeur

Crab rolls and sweet pastries from the francophone Maritimes

“Acadian cuisine relies on local seafood and seasonal food, and summer savory is a favourite herb because it’s easy to grow. For me, guédille au crabe is a food for June — crab season in my part of New Brunswick. Pets de soeur, which means ‘nuns’ farts,’ are rolled pie dough, baked in a cinnamon brown-sugar syrup. Delicious. And very bad for you.”

—Chi Chi Godin (District 16 City of Toronto)

Chi Chi’s insider tip

Acadian meat pies, similar to Quebec’s tourtières but chunkier, freeze well. “I bring about 10 back every time I visit.”

Illustration of the food item Donairs


Spiced ground beef in a flatbread wrap, served with a sweet-and-sour condensed milk sauce

—Sandy Sinden (District 50 Atlantic)

Treats only the locals — mostly — know about

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