Photo of La Grande Roue de Montreal and the city’s old port.

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Take advantage of our too-short summer season and explore Canada on foot
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COVID-19 reminder. As we go to press, we are still in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. If we still aren’t able to travel when you read this, save these coast-to-coast walking tours for when we can.

Taste your way through Tofino

Tofino Food Tours

When you’re not boating, whale-watching, fishing or surfing in Tofino, you’re eating. This tiny town anchoring Vancouver Island’s far west side is a culinary adventure — if you know where to look. Tofino Food Tours can take care of that, with morning and afternoon treks delivering insider info on the best clam chowder, craft beer, oysters, charcuterie and cheese. Along the way, you get local lore, making the walk a little history lesson as well. Smoked jerk salmon? Yes, please.

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