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We asked: Do you meditate? Why?
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I have anxiety from time to time, so I took up kundalini yoga and meditation. I enjoy the kriya technique as well as the mantras, which address common issues for all of us. I find it very calming and relaxing. I do my practices morning and evening and occasionally in between. I enjoy the sociability of the classes as well as being able to practise on my own anytime.

Anne Masson 
(District 28 Region of Durham)

I learned mindfulness meditation for anxiety and depression and still continue a daily practice to calm and centre me for the day.

Elizabeth Mahy
(District 23 North York)

Meditation settles my brain. I meditate every day, usually for 30 minutes. I listen to either a guided meditation or meditation music.

Catherine Cameron-True
(District 17 Simcoe County)

I have been following the Transcendental Meditation technique for over 45 years. It involves two 20-minute meditation sessions, morning and late afternoon. It is fantastic for stress management and helping the body’s immune system to take care of itself. I have recently taken a night technique program, a special technique to use just prior to going to sleep, which settles me down and has allowed me to discontinue using sleep aids, which I had been using for the past several years. It uses a mantra system. TM is a big part of my lifestyle and has contributed to my well-being.

Aubrey Millard
(District 3 Algoma)

I do 20-minute meditation and guided meditation via the Art of Living Foundation. I also participate in a 90-minute SKY Breath Meditation with Art of Living.

Bob French
(District 21 Renfrew)

I practise qigong and breathing exercises.

Andy O’Brien
(District 40 Brant)

I meditate as part of yoga and tai chi practice. I also use meditation to help me get to sleep.

Carol Fortnum
(District 8 London, Middlesex)

I have started yoga classes for beginners. I needed to learn how to relax and focus on myself for a while each day.

Caroll Carkner
(District 32 Prescott-Russell)

I practise hygge — the ability to create serenity and coziness in your life by celebrating the little things. Mindfulness is a large part of this concept, and mindfulness is a form of meditation, as is the focused concentration required by yoga.

Cheryl Nidd
(District 43 Nipissing)

I did the Vipassana 10-day retreat/course — I’ve done it eight times now. At the retreat you meditate 10 times a day for 10 days. At home you meditate in the morning and evening. Great practice.

Dierdre Bascus
(District 16 City of Toronto)

I do self-hypnosis, which is really the same thing but a lot easier, for 15 to 20 minutes a day. I also read Tolstoy’s Calendar of Wisdom every day.

Lloyd Gregory McPhee
(District 39 Peel)

I do meditate, 20 minutes at a time, in the mornings, after my yoga session. Meditation offers many health benefits. It keeps me centred and calm. I suffer from vertigo, and it helps me manage my vertigo. Sometimes I focus my meditation on having optimum health; sometimes it’s just about being still, at peace and totally calm.

Sylvie Girard 
(District 5 Cochrane, Temiskaming)

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