Photos de Cadix, en Espagne

Cádiz, Spain

One of Europe’s oldest cities, Cádiz has been a commercial hub for almost a thousand years, and was settled long before that. Its history as a naval base — for ships sailing off to “discover” North America — makes for excellent museum-going. Add in little neighbourhoods to wander through, great restaurants and plenty of acres of sand to stretch out on, and you’ve got a week in heaven.

Extracurricular: Getting your steps in? Easy: Climb the east tower of the Baroque-Neoclassical Catedral de Cádiz for an incredible view.

Taste to try: Pastry shops are everywhere in this town, each with its own specialty. Try the tapas dish tortillitas de camarones — crispy shrimp and chickpea crackers — a regional snack.

Bonus tip: Split your time between the Old City, the Playa de la Victoria strip in the “new” part of town and the secluded beaches a short drive south. They don’t call it the Coast of Light for nothing.