Reader letters

Renaissance magazine came today and I was delighted to see that the Fitness column focused on a functional training program designed by Kate Maliha. I am lucky enough to live in Vancouver, and I have had the pleasure of taking part in Kate’s exercise classes and commend her for her ability to deal with all manner of seniors. You may be 55 or 75, but Kate Maliha runs an intelligent, active class with dignity and fun. Not to be missed.

—Barbara Starkey (District 42 Mainland British Columbia)

Thank you for the winter 2024 edition of Renaissance. The theme of listening was developed skillfully — and was both stimulating and educational.

—Paul Bard (District 27 Ottawa-Carleton)

The winter issue of Renaissance was not only current but also of great value to me, on a personal level. From the delightfully colourful cover to the contributing writers’ articles, including “Cozy in the Kitchen,” it was indeed a “hear, hear” endeavour. Until the past year my hearing has been adequate (so I tell myself), but listening skills — that’s another story. I am, after all, a former teacher from the old school, where we were the hub, front and centre, leaders of the pack, guest speakers as it were. Erin Pehlivan’s excellent article “Don’t Just Hear . . . Listen” brought me up to speed. I will use her sage advice in the future when speaking with family and friends. My hearing aid will have the volume on high so I can truly hear and listen to those who choose to bend my ear.

—Shirley Lazareth (District 14 Niagara)

I always enjoy reading Renaissance. It was a pleasant surprise to find several recipes by Elizabeth Baird in the winter issue. I have been using her Classic Canadian Cooking recipe book since the 1980s. We eagerly made the seafood chowder. However, missing in the ingredients list is the stock. So Peter (the husband chef, also an RTOERO member) had to improvise. The end product was quite delectable. However, it would be good if you would publish a correction.

—Racquel Manimtim-Carlow (District 39 Peel)

Do we publish on eRenaissance??

Thanks for the kudos, Racquel. You weren’t the only reader who wondered what happened to the stock! The recipe should have included 2 cups chicken broth, low sodium preferred, in the ingredient list.