Reader letters

You rock, Shirley Marie Lazareth! What a superb article you wrote in the fall issue of Renaissance about our trip through the meadows of old age! It was beautifully written and so positive that I found myself saying, “I wish I had been one of Shirley Marie’s students!”How lucky we are to have belonged to a profession that breeds kindness. Go to the head of the class, my colleague, for sharing your wondrous story. I feel better about my future because of your prose.

—Tom Davis (District 36 Peterborough)

To all staff and contributors: Congratulations on the remarkable Wellness issue. There was something for everyone, regardless of one’s state of wellness. In my opinion one of the best Renaissance issues ever. WELL DONE!

—Ken Shoesmith (District 13 Hamilton-Wentworth, Haldimand)

The fall issue is the most helpful issue yet. The health advice is excellent, and the recipes are great.

—Isabel Wildfong (District 8 London, Middlesex) 

RTOERO and Renaissance are two of the perks of being a retired teacher. Stuart Foxman’s articles are always one of the highlights. They are thought-provoking and engaging. It was nice to see a picture of him in the Contributors section.

I found Shirley Marie Lazareth’s article on how the unexpected detours in life can change your life plan very moving. She is a great exemplar for us all on how to see the bright side during unexpected times of difficulty. If there was an Order of Canada for caregivers who show positive love, kindness and support, people like Shirley should be a nominee.
—Norm Madill (District 13 Hamilton-Wentworth, Haldimand)

Thank you for an informative and helpful fall issue of Renaissance. All the articles are timely and reflect what we, as retirees, should be trying to do. Since COVID restrictions are now done, the opportunities to socialize with others, to get outdoors for walks (and picking up garbage) and to volunteer abound. Keep up the good work!

—Connie Badour (District 33 Chatham-Kent) 

The fall issue of Renaissance was by far one of the best I have read in several years. The articles explored topics I am particularly interested in at this point of my life. The value of adopting a Mediterranean diet, ways to build up resilience, stress releasers like mindfulness activities, and the rewards of being a caregiver really grabbed my attention. As well, kudos to Shirley Marie Lazareth on her beautifully crafted article “In a Supporting Role.” Her story touched my heart. 

—Stephanie Nielsen (District 14 Niagara) 

The Fall 2023 issue of Renaissance is a keeper. I read it from cover to cover. A great refresher course in what one has to do to enhance wellness. Beautiful to look at too. Well done.

— Erma Collins (District 34 York Region)