Reader letters

Thank you for this beautiful edition of Renaissance. It has loads of practical advice. Thank you to everyone who contributed to its creation.

Sharon Jones (District 5 Cochrane, Temiskaming) 

Thanks for including the feature “My Mom Remembered” in the spring issue of Renaissance. My mom was 96 when she passed away on July 22, 2022. Stella Chorney was her maiden name before she married my dad and became Stella Krochak. Mom came from Ukraine in 1937 to Canada with three sisters and a brother. They settled in Saskatchewan, and she later came to Ontario. Like Terry Chattington’s mom, my mom didn’t go to university and teachers’ college, like I did, and didn’t realize she was a teacher to her children — a very good one, who on her journey gave us many life lessons.

William Krochak (District 14 Niagara)

I enjoyed reading the diverse articles in the spring issue of Renaissance. Sharing heritage through cooking was a refreshing inclusion, and I intend to test these “storied” recipes out with my family. As an artist/educator, please forward my appreciation of Jori Bolton’s illustrations for “May I Have This Dance?” The benefits to health and social attributes were affirming.

—Wendy Hooker (District 24 Scarborough and East York)

Thank you for such a beautiful magazine! The summer issue of Renaissance was very informative — and one of your best! I much prefer information to reading about the lives of people I don’t know, even if they were teachers, rehashing of people’s lives I don’t know, even if they were teachers — this issue is a keeper. And the insurance booklet was much appreciated.

—Catherine Boate (District 8 London, Middlesex) 

My wife, Susan, and I have been retired for over 15 years and have been enjoying Renaissance magazine. We have made some contributions and thank you for the practical advice and good reading. Keep up the good work.
—Peter and Susan Iaboni (District 16 City of Toronto) 

WOW! Kudos to everyone responsible for the summer edition of Renaissance! I have greatly enjoyed the magazine since retiring in 1995, and this edition is the best of the best — every article had something for me. Congratulations to the editorial team and all the contributing writers. Your dedication in serving our readers/members is greatly appreciated.

—Ron Speck (District 1 Rainy River)

When I saw the words “family reunions” on the cover of the summer issue of Renaissance, I thought, “I could contribute to that.” Then, turning the pages, there I was in the photograph on page 21, fourth row from the back, on the left, wearing the red ribbon (as a member of the committee), celebrating the Baker family’s 100th reunion. I note it suggests the Bakers arrived in Canada in 1897, but in fact they came in 1847, 50 years earlier. The first picnic was organized by grandchildren of the first arrivals, and for a few years it was held in the fall after haying season. Quite a family! Families matter and reunions help cement the bonds, especially for our younger members. If anyone is contemplating a gathering, do it! You won’t be sorry!

—Gwen Farrow (District 24 Scarborough and East York)