Reader letters

Thank you for this beautiful edition of Renaissance. It has loads of practical advice. Thank you to everyone who contributed to its creation.

Sharon Jones (District 5 Cochrane, Temiskaming) 

Thanks for including the feature “My Mom Remembered” in the spring issue of Renaissance. My mom was 96 when she passed away on July 22, 2022. Stella Chorney was her maiden name before she married my dad and became Stella Krochak. Mom came from Ukraine in 1937 to Canada with three sisters and a brother. They settled in Saskatchewan, and she later came to Ontario. Like Terry Chattington’s mom, my mom didn’t go to university and teachers’ college, like I did, and didn’t realize she was a teacher to her children — a very good one, who on her journey gave us many life lessons.

William Krochak (District 14 Niagara)

What an impressive issue the spring Renaissance is. Thank you very much. I read it cover to cover. I write a newsletter for our horticultural society and I understand the work, and I understand the pleasure. An excellent read. Have a wonderful spring, and thanks again.

Connie Matthews-Cull (District 27 Ottawa-Carleton)

The spring issue of Renaissance was a really good read. Keep up the good work.

Jeannie Kostick (District 26 Kenora)

Just had to write and tell you how great the spring issue is. From the beautiful front cover to Spotlight On, it is a winner! I thoroughly enjoyed all the articles and am adding some extra spices to my shopping list so I can try the Jamaican patties recipe! Thanks again for a great read.

Lynn Opre (District 39 Peel)

As a retired teacher who has joined my husband in fruit production, I am always pleased to see articles on food production, particularly Canadian food production. 

I don’t wholly support organic or non-organic farming. I do know that our climate in south-central Ontario is our biggest challenge to farming organically with success. Drier, less-humid climates tend to get stronger results using organic methods. 

Keeping a crop disease- and pest-free is extremely costly, and growers apply products only when needed, just as you visit your doctor only when you need to. The use of synthetic products requires the applicator to obtain a license, which must be renewed. The use and availability of these products are regularly updated and modified.

Kindest regards. 

Karen Ferri (District 39 Peel)