RTOERO Chair, Martha Foster

Renew and recharge

by Martha Foster RTOERO Chair

Energized! What a great theme for this issue of Renaissance. We all need to find things in our everyday life that energize us.

At RTOERO, we depend so much on our volunteers, the people who work so hard for you in your districts, on RTOERO committees and on the Board of Directors. As tirelessly as they work, every now and then they need to be recharged — energized.

Twice a year, your district leadership sends three or four members of your district executive to Toronto to attend meetings organized by RTOERO, where they join representatives from the other 50 districts. In May, the meeting is two parts: an annual meeting where the business of RTOERO occurs followed by a forum. In October, there is usually just a forum.

At the forums, attendees hear speakers addressing a variety of issues that affect older adults, get caught up on what is happening at the national level, and spend time sharing ideas with others across the country who are doing the same job they are. The networking is critical and occurs formally — in sessions with specific topics — and informally. Members can share what they are doing in their districts and pick up ideas and strategies from other districts that they can bring home.

There is quite an array of districts, from thousands of members to fewer than 200, and from very small in area to encompassing three or four provinces. Among 51 districts, you can always find one that shares the same issues your district does.

It’s energizing to watch the sharing — and maybe a little bragging!

On the third day, we end with a lunch, and the energy in the room is amazing. Your representatives head home, with new information they’re ready to share and energized to do just that.

Here’s to your energy-boosting strategies!