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Your classic holiday movies

We asked: What’s your all-time, watch-every-year holiday movie tradition?
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One Magic Christmas: My sons were five and four when I took them to see this wonderful movie.
—George Denny (District 18 Haliburton, Kawartha Lakes)

 A Christmas Carol: My favourite is the original black and white version starring Alastair Sim.
—Lorraine Knowles (District 36 Peterborough)
—Nancy Stepien (District 31 Wellington)

The Polar Express
—Karen Mcilwain (District 2 Thunder Bay)

A Christmas Story
—Kathie McNamara (District 8 London, Middlesex)
—Kathryn Greening (District 3 Algoma)
—Susan Pottery (District 42 Mainland British Columbia)

White Christmas
—Connie Keeler (District 17 Simcoe County)

Home Alone My sons and I watch this together and laugh every year.
—Paula Chambers (District 24 Scarborough and East York)

—Lisa Salonen (District 35 Dryden)

Love Actually
—Judy Veysey (District 38 Lambton)

The Bishop’s Wife
—Marie Greengrass (District 48 Leeds and Grenville)

The Holiday  I laugh and cry every year.
—Linda Skeries (District 17 Simcoe County)

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