Photo of Hacienda San Pedro coffee tour

Tuck in to the food

Begin with basic training: a Spoon Experience food tour to learn about the history of the island through its cuisine. Puerto Rican traditional foods — served in large portions — are the most satisfying. Be sure to try ham and manchego croquettes, stewed red beans and rice, stuffed tostones with ceviche, and mofongo — fried and garlic-mashed plantains served with meat or seafood.

Foodie forwardness is on full display at La Placita de Santurce — a square of bars, restaurants and takeout kiosks ringing the old market — as well as at nearby Lote 23, a gastronomic picnic-table park filled with comfort-food trucks.

Out of town, you can indulge in day trips that showcase chocolate or coffee. The chocolate class at Montadero in Caguas or the Semila cacao experience in Barceloneta will fill you in — and up! — on bean-to-bar chocolate goodness. Drive to the mountain town of Jayuya and discover the artisanal wonders of the Hacienda San Pedro coffee tour; the nearby barrio of Ciales is home to the Museo del Café de Puerto Rico.