Reader letters

I identified with Barbara Rogelstad’s “Wartime letters home” article in the winter issue of Renaissance. While sorting through my mom’s things, I came across letters my father, William Carr, wrote to his young bride, Grace, while stationed in England in the RCAF. They gave a poignant picture of everyday wartime life as well as vignettes of a tender romance. They had married in 1941 and my father spent 1943 in Lancaster bombers. Kathy Page wrote Dear Evelyn after being inspired by her parents’ love letters. After reading Dad’s letters to Mom twice and sharing them with my sister, I sent them to the Canadian War Museum in Ottawa along with his medals and flight book listing bombing missions. Appreciate when members’ stories are in the magazine. 

Gail Murray (District 23 North York)

My compliments to Peter Mernagh for his inspiring article, “Travel for good,” in the winter 2023 issue of Renaissance magazine. He answered in a very practical way two of the questions considered by virtually all philosophers: What is the good life, and what is the purpose of my existence? Powerful!

Peter Durksen (District 31 Wellington)

[The] article “Investing in a sustainable future” in the winter issue of Renaissance discusses the many advantages of purchasing and owning an electric car. The introductory paragraphs evolve into a read on the importance of considering an electric vehicle based on the environmental concerns of the day. While many RTOERO members are considering purchasing electric vehicles, many are also considering NOT purchasing electric vehicles. I would suggest publishing an article that balances, in thought, this one. An expert in the field of environmental studies, especially electric vehicles, might be suggested as a writer contributor.

Berenice Pepe (District 36 Peterborough)