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Making music

We asked: Do you play in a band?
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I am part of a musical group called Vocalmotion.

Alexander Grant-Henderson (District 39 Peel)

Yes — a five-piece classic rock band.

Alfred Guidolin (District 12 Norfolk)

I have sung in a semi-professional chamber choir for over 20 years. We perform many well-known (and some more esoteric) classical works but also more popular music: show tunes, old standards and gospel.

Anita Minov (District 14 Niagara)

I play French horn in a Thorold concert band and the Niagara Peninsula Orchestra.

Barbara Allman White
(District 14 Niagara)

The Chirpy Chicks — we play for seniors.

Charlene Frenette (District 49 The Prairies)

I play in a town band. In fact, I led the town band for 50 years!

Clare French (District 9 Huron-Perth)

Two bands: I’m a member of a county ukulele band and also play guitar in a local pick-up band. Eclectic music choices: folk, ’50s and ’60s, country, bluegrass, etc.

David Huether (District 19 Hastings and Prince Edward)

My husband and I play together. I play the electric keyboard and sing. We do mostly folk, Irish and sing-along music at retirement and nursing homes.

Deborah Cauley (District 28 Region of Durham)

Pick-up band — guitar. Folk songs from the 1950s and ’60s.

Edward Blackmore (District 8 London, Middlesex)

Yes, saxophone in one band, bass clarinet in two others. The music ranges from classical to popular to blues and jazz.

Gale Bassett (District 16 City of Toronto)

Yes — founder and co-leader of Samba Squad, a percussion band. I play bass drum.

Janet McClelland (District 16 City of Toronto)

Now that a rock jam session has begun again at a local bar, I’ve started attending and playing with the local rock ’n’ rollers. I sing and play guitar with harmonica accompaniment, too.

Jerzy Dymny (District 47 Vancouver Island)

A uke band for the past seven years.

Cathy Edmunds (District 49 The Prairies)

Guitar hacker right here … music from our era: Eagles, Stones, Who, Supertramp, Jimmy Buffett, etc.

John Gallaugher (District 14 Niagara)

Yes, three groups. I sing in an a cappella group of four singers; in one other group I play keyboards and sing pop/rock music; and the third is a rock adult choir.

Kimberley Stone (District 24 Scarborough and East York)

I am in Women in Song from Blind River, Ont. We released our first album last year, called Life of a Woman, and our music is available on most streaming platforms. I am a singer and play guitar in the band.

Lois Jones (District 3 Algoma)

I have been playing in a rock band for the past five years. We play live regularly around the city.

Paul Gastaldin (District 39 Peel)

Our band, Telegraph Narrows, plays covers of blues, jazz, pop, country and rock! Plus some originals written by my husband and me. I am called “The Boss,” meaning I have the time to send out emails and compose set lists and arrange gigs. I sing lead and add percussion.

Renay Weissman-Stanners (District 19 Hastings and Prince Edward)

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