Wellness workout

by Martha Foster RTOERO Chair

Wellness — what a great theme for this edition of Renaissance. Wellness affects every one of us, and there is so much to be considered.

It’s a well-known fact that as we age, we lose muscle mass and strength. Many of us are pretty good at keeping up some type of cardiovascular exercise, the most popular being walking, and that’s great.

So don’t stop walking; do start muscle work to mitigate the loss and build back muscle.

We should all be including some kind of resistance training in our fitness programs. Not only does it improve your muscle mass; it also helps strengthen your bones and can improve your range of motion. The gain? Improved balance, better mobility, lower chance of hospitalization due to falls, and increased muscle reserves in case you do end up in the hospital.

When should you start? Yesterday. The next best time? Today.

How do you get started? You can do resistance exercises at home with resistance bands and small weights you can pick up at almost any home improvement store.

If you are game to go a step further, check out programs at your local senior centre. Or sign up at a gym. A gym has everything you need, including machines (you don’t have to move any weights around) and free weights (moving required).

Find a friend to go with you, or talk to your RTOERO executive to set up a “get to know your gym” session.

Remember, we are not after abs of steel. Building back up some of that lost muscle mass and strength, with all the positive effects that come along with that, is an amazing goal and one that will benefit you in so many ways.

Have fun at the gym!