Reader letters

Thanks for Renaissance magazine. It keeps me focused on the present but also reminds me of the joys I had while teaching!

Tom Molyneaux (District 14 Niagara)

I look forward to receiving every issue of Renaissance! Many thanks.

Jack Fortin (District 42 Mainland British Columbia))

I received my first issue of Renaissance in the mail today. The article ” Life after work: Who am I now?” struck a chord with me as I have been struggling for the past couple of months to find my purpose. Thank you for the timely advice to recognize who I am and to realize that now I have the time to make the most of it.

Sandy Sinden ((District 50 Atlantic)

We enjoyed the recent issue of Renaissance, especially the story “Life after work: Who am I now?” My wife, a long-time public-school teacher, was one of the first to enjoy the “35 and out” opportunity, retiring with a full pension before turning 55. A neighbour encouraged me to retire with Linda. Another friend told me he retired because he felt he was taking a job he didn’t really need from a younger person who really needed it. I hadn’t thought about it that way — but it’s a significant point.

We decided to make sure we owed nothing, a takeaway from an RTOERO seminar on retirement we attended. We both had saved and invested well, so we had a bit of a safety net. We decided to travel. Before long, we had visited every province and territory and every U.S. state save Hawaii — no bridge! We also fulfilled one of Linda’s dreams: attending the Oberammergau Passion Play in German y. My family had left Germany in 1709, so the thought of going there intrigued me. We went to Germany, the Netherlands, Ireland, Switzerland and Austria. We found, and met, both our original families in Europe, mine in Germany and Linda’s in the Netherlands.

We are reaching the age where travel and health are arguing with each other, so overseas travel may be finished. Do either of us regret retiring and spending that adventure together? No. Not once. Not ever. Neither did either of us dislike our chosen career. For everything there is a season.

— Don and Linda Dulmage (District 19 Hastings and Prince Edward)